Church and Non-Profits

Our Singular Calling Has Two Purposes…

to help Christian ministries provide every family with a basic will, hospital documents, Christian expressions of faith and provide Christian Ministries with sustainable funding for decades to come.

By making our Christian Advanced Care Planning a free gift to members, donors and friends, the variability of donor gifts is lessened by minimizing costs and including the many instead of just a targeted few. Our experience shows that consistently multiplying small gifts leads to sustainable funding and discovering larger gifts. The ForeTalk Experience is for the 80%, not the 20% of substantial donors.

This is a complimentary addition to any planned giving program.

In decades of leadership as a pastor in multiple church roles, a major gifts officer, trustee, Chairman of Financial committees and serving on multiple boards, there were very few times when sustainable funding was not a concern. Planned giving provided a resource that was always welcome but unreliable. The variables were built-in to the effort.