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Hear from Stan a heart to heart conversation about Advanced Care Planning


ForeTalk Is a Conversation About an Expected Event.


“All my life I was told how to die as a Christian but no one ever told me how to live until then. I wish they had…"

- Billy Graham Nearing Home 2011


In a recent survey, 65% of those surveyed had no idea of what a health directive was or the consequences of not having one. NYT

In 2008, my brother Ron was diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4. He was admitted to the hospital and aggressive treatment began. . Distress, fear, worry, despair and growing confusion were his daily and nightly companions. He died 41 days later, only leaving the hospital to go to a hospice care center where he passed away. He had made no preparation of any kind. No will, no living will, no powers of attorney, no final instructions, no prepaid funeral or funeral wishes. He had never heard of hospice. His family was as unprepared as he was.

Every document had to be created while he was undergoing treatment and overwhelmed by his illness. It was painful, tragic and disruptive to everyone he loved and to him. It never should have occurred. No one of knows when serious illness or death will come but everyone can prepare for it.

ForeTalk was written because there was no place to turn for help when it was sorely needed. It was written to spare you and your loved ones the consequences of coming to the end of life without any awareness of what to expect or plan for. It is a book and seminar every family needs to avoid increasing sorrow and loss by knowing what ‘s coming to all of us and preparing for it now.

This is a solution found nowhere else. Education, guidebooks and video content helps every family avoid multiplying sorrow and loss by knowing what‘s coming to all of us and preparing for it now. The ForeTalk Experience comes with 5 clear and uncomplicated videos and a complete digital document package.

It is only available from Christian ministries and organizations like yours.
Giving this gift, which includes complete Christian Advanced Care Planning, helps solve a coming major problem every family will experience. This gift can also provide sustainable ministry income for decades to come.