Our calling is to create Sustainable Funding for your mission today by helping you serve your audience and their families with a highly-valued, often-missing, family gift-- Christian Advanced Care Planning.

What is Christian Advanced Care?

Christian Advanced Care is an instrument for Christians to declare life choices. It is not an estate plan, but it includes one. It is not healthcare documents, but it includes them. Christian Advanced Care is a personal legacy plan, first honoring God with a testimony of faith.

This plan includes the legal documents required of everyone over the age of 18, but because it is a Christian Advanced Care Plan it includes expressed generosity, letters of gratitude, a funeral or memorial plan and much more. It is inclusive—serving everyone from the single mom waitress at the Waffle House to the wealthiest family. It advances Christian institutions of every size bearing His name and ministry. Planned giving now becomes a simplified and welcomed gift!


And, best of all, it serves families, produces significant ministry dollars, and costs pennies!

This new and innovative change shifts the conversation from a focus on legal forms and tax saving to creating a Christian legacy. In doing so, it solves two key problems:

1. Every day a Christian ministry faces a need for more sustainable funding to provide future income to continue to serve Him. This gift creates ongoing and sustainable funding. Luke 6:38

2. Every day a Christian family experiences an unexpected hospitalization, terminal illness, or death in the family, too often with little-to-no preparation or guidance. This rare gift prepares every family for what is to come before it is needed. Psalm 90:12

Digital Services

A free gift from you to your members/donors

  • Complete digital state-specific documents: create, print, store, file, update
  • 5-part video series on Christian Advanced Care Planning
  • A digital dashboard specifically created for you to track participation
  • A custom weblink to easily introduce your audience our service

Fund Raising : 24/7 Low Cost -High Value

Traditional fund raising involves extensive travel, face-to-face meetings and group meetings, dinners and other events. We introduce a second model, not to replace but to come along side and supplement your current efforts.

• It is inclusive and serves everyone over 18
• It recognizes the importance of every potential donor
• It values time with our digital model of 24/7 availability
• It first gives the much-needed gift then encourages a response for the gift received
• It is a low-cost, high-value addition to your ministry

Story Telling

Our Christian faith is a story-telling faith. The videos, the Foretalk Experience, add real stories, quotations, honest and true examples from our author and seminar leader. The videos offer spiritual wisdom, motivation, and provide answers and add urgency!

The story-telling videos provide:

• Explanations of the value of each document
• Encouragement to complete the package
• Understanding the value of a written Christian testimony
• Simplicity in sharing the information with others

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching can provide important assistance in making this new effort successful. No leader can know all things about everything (even though we try). Knowing what we don’t know can be a sign of intelligence. Getting the support needed when needed can be a lifesaver. Our one-on-one coaching can be as extensive or as limited as you find helpful.

• Single coaching sessions
• 3-6-month coaching agreements
• Specific goals targeted
• Scheduled at your convenience—typically every 2-3 weeks to maintain relevance
• Follow-up reports and guidance

Could a quick conversation help?

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to find how we may help your funding as you serve those connected to your ministry. Often an answer can resolve a question or concern quickly.

Our coaching sessions are available to help with planning and implementing our program or enhancing your current offering. If that sounds like your need, we offer individual coaching sessions. We are available for demos, personal coaching, conference calls, zoom meetings and consultation, either online or in person.

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