The one event we all have in common is that one day our lives will come to an end. ForeTalk helps us prepare for what is coming. It is also a personal and shared gift, removing much of the fear, stress, anguish, and mystery from the end of life. ForeTalk is a book. A series of books.

Motivational and educational videos. A Christian guide where “the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.” GiftWise, our partner, guides staff, employees, members, and donors to create the documents that reflect their Christian testimony and “asks” everyone to consider the opportunity to make a generous gift to your ministry.

“Stan Inspires younger people and prepares mature Christians to make the final phase of their life both a blessing to their family and a powerful witness for Christ.”

- Bob Russell
Founding Pastor
Southeast Christian Church

“In ForeTalk® Stan Craig combines the heart of a pastor with the acumen of a financial professional. He is the best resource I know of on legacy and end-of-life decisions.”

- Dr. Jason Allen
Mid-Western Baptist Seminary

“Our Legacy planning session was great information. We are blown away by your generosity of your time and expertise. Thank you for your passion for this ministry.”

- Nathanael Pugh
Men’s Pastor
Irving Bible Church

“ForeTalk® provides a guide through what can be confusing and difficult decisions involving end of life choices. Not only will you benefit, but so will your personal physician, your hospital and your medical team.”

- Brad Hilaman M.D., J.D. FACOG
Chief Medical Officer
J.A. Dosher Memorial Hospital

“There is value in every chapter, ideas and insight to bless every family just as we were blessed. You need to read ForeTalk®. You will be informed, your family strengthened and your future more secure.”

- Dan and Angela Biggs
Executive Directors
Connect Financial Ministries

“Anticipating change is not only smart; it is a requirement to be an effective leader. ForeTalk® guides families to plan for a future of change.”

- Brad Hilaman M.D., J.D. FACOG
Chief Medical Officer
J.A. Dosher Memorial Hospital

“Stan Craig provides us with a transgenerational guide to the excellent stewardship of life.”

- Dr. Dan Dumas
Eastside Community Church
Senior Vice President
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“This is a must-read for every home and family and should be in the libraries of counselors, ministers, and attorneys. It needs to be a required reading in our network for all the couples who come our way.”

- Don R. “Dick” Ivey, PhD
24K Gold Marriage