Planning Your ForeTalk Event



A ForeTalk® Seminar can be a custom presentation
at your event or an event in itself.

The Seminar can be as brief as 45 minutes or last 2 hours or more with additional professional
presenters speaking on legal and medical issues as well as related topics.

ForeTalk Video

Interested In Planning A ForeTalk® Seminar Event?


ForeTalk® has been presented to large groups of more than 800 and in small group settings. It has been a 6- week group study. There are a number of tools to help you.

The presentation can use PowerPoint or Keynote slides already prepared.
Stan has prepared a DVD series to accompany the book. These DVD presentations can be played at any meeting to guide the conversation and make discussion stay on point. A CD set is also available. A leader’s guide will be offered soon.

A Keynote slide presentation is available free by clicking here.

Stan Craig may be available to speak to your group or organization. Contact him at

But remember… Practically anyone can lead a ForeTalk® seminar with a bit of practice and preparation.

ForeTalk® is the Christian end-of-life planning seminar endorsed and praised by churches and pastors. Every Christian family must have the basic end-of-life documentation done now. It is Biblically and personally wise to trade fear and ignorance for His peace and confidence.

So teach us to number our days that we may have a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12



Our mission is to bless every individual, family, church, non-profit and business or corporation with the benefit of end-of-life planning. We provide guidance by educating and assisting in completing the documents and the plans needed to live comfortably in and through the final season of life, no matter when it occurs.


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