Church and Non-Profits


Hosting a ForeTalk® Seminar will:

  • Help your staff and employees understand and commit to their own planning.
  • Ensure your clients, members and associates know why they need to protect themselves and families by end-of-life planning.
  • Ensure your donors and potential donors understand the importance of bequests and how to made them work for both the donor and the organization.
  • NOTE: Every congregation ought to provide a ForeTalk Legacy plan for each member of the staff. It is a low-cost, high-value benefit that can end years of potential heartache for both church and staff.

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Our mission is to bless every individual, family, church, non-profit and business or corporation with the benefit of end-of-life planning. We provide guidance by educating and assisting in completing the documents and the plans needed to live comfortably in and through the final season of life, no matter when it occurs.


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