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The ForeTalk® book is full of very useful information and has a plan of action. Easily the most thoughtful end-of-life planning book on the market.

This book is indispensable as you prepare for your own end-of-life.

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“Don’t wait to buy this book, don’t wait to read it and especially don’t wait to have the “Critical Conversations” with your loved ones!
We often put off difficult decisions and hard conversations until ‘the right moment.’ This book shows why this is a mistake and, more importantly, how to make seemingly hard conversations rewarding for everyone involved. How to communicate with your family’ and how to care for them are key topics. What should be considered before you get sick? What needs to be done from a moral, ethical, religious and financial perspective before you die? Too often these decisions are left until the last minute and the outcome is less than ideal. This book addresses these topics in an educational, informative an easy to understand manner. The stories and recommendations are good for everyone; but for anyone over the age of 60, this is a must read!

Keith Brandt

End-of-life planning has never been more needed or more neglected than it is today. A market of 76 million golden boomers has few places to turn when it comes to the final season of life. There are volumes on wills, trusts, probate, estate planning, even funerals. But ForeTalk is the ONLY book that covers all these end-of-life concerns, and more, from a Christian perspective. ForeTalk not only asks the right questions, but it also provides the answers needed by every family.

Stan Craig, the author of ForeTalk, saw the need for a resource for end-of-life planning when his younger brother passed away without any plans for the end of his lie, causing unnecessary pain and distress for the family. As a pastor, recognized speaker, financial professional and corporate executive, Stan writes ForeTalk with positive, life-affirming content, Biblical insight, wisdom and humor.

Each chapter concludes with a follow-up section where readers can create their personal documents to share with their family and trusted professionals.

The author has radio and television experience and is available for conference calls, radio and television commentary.

In the book:
-how to talk about the topic no one talks about
-why a power of attorney is useless when you need it most
-digital assets, a new problem for heirs
-understanding the value of hospice and palliative care
-creating a heart of generosity
-7 lessons from a hospital bed
-what everyone should know about burial and cremation.

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Our mission is to bless every individual, family, church, non-profit and business or corporation with the benefit of end-of-life planning. We provide guidance by educating and assisting in completing the documents and the plans needed to live comfortably in and through the final season of life, no matter when it occurs.


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