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Everyone needs a Will. Why? Everyone has stuff. But statistics say fewer than 65% of us have a Will. That means a lot of us are just not smart. Get a Will, especially if you are married and have children. Also, keep it up to date. Old Wills may not only be useless, they may cause all kinds of problems!!

Remember, your state has a Will written for you. Your assets will be distributed as state law dictates. It may not be close to what you would want. Have property, a divorce, remarriage, a special needs child or dependent? Get a Will. NOW! If you do not know an attorney qualified as an estate attorney, we recommend a legal service that we trust. Click here to contact with them. Licensed in every state, this award-winning site will do an outstanding job defining your wishes and delivering exactly what you need for every document listed here.

The hospital is the last place most of us want to be. But, when you must be there, and most all of us will be at some point, you must have a Living Will. It is designed to protect you from medical treatments and procedures you do not want. There are procedures that provide little benefit and can do you harm. Plus, you must have a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare to designate who will speak for you if you are incapacitated. Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, medications, anesthesia by themselves or combined can be seriously incapacitating. You must have these documents ready.
Someone will have to manage your finances if you are incapacitated. A simple Power of Attorney may be useless just when you need it most. Plus, someone must be trusted to be your executor for your Will. Bad choices get bad results!

This cannot be left to chance. Selecting someone who can’t balance his or her own checkbook can rob you and your heirs of peace of mind and assets.

The attorney who handled your speeding ticket or your real estate sale is not your best choice to help with your estate plan. Get the right person for a right result.

Finding the right attorney to create a Will for your family is an extremely important requirement. If you have a trusted elder law or estate attorney, consider using him or her. If you have a referral from someone you trust, then follow up with that attorney. Make sure to ask plenty of questions. If you do not have anyone that you trust or know, we can help. Click here to contact them. They are licensed in every state, and offer a significant discount for ForeTalk® participants and even provide a Family Trust and a Pet Trust at no extra cost.

Burial or cremation, funeral or memorial service—have you made these decisions? Who writes the obit? Where will internment take place? Lots of questions that must be answered now rather than later in the midst of chaos. You can save thousands of dollars and replace family anxiety with a calm assurance just by preplanning your own service. We will show you how.

What insurance do you have? Car? Home? Your most valuable family asset? That’s you, of course! Health care, long-term care, disability are just a few types of insurance your family may need now. Term life is a must for younger families while long-term care may be right for many of you. Insurance is the only product you must buy when you don’t need it—because when you DO need it…you can’t buy it!
You only have one chance to make a great last impression. Last impressions last—so, how will you be remembered? Generosity and compassion are yours to demonstrate. Love and kindness matter. YOU write the end of your story. Generous people make enduring impressions on individuals, non-profits and churches. Generosity is beneficial not only for the beneficiaries but it frees the donor from greed and selfishness.




End-of-life planning is about living, not dying. It’s about living fearlessly and extending your love to those most precious to you even when life comes to an end.

We promise you, end-of-life planning will be one of the most meaningful and precious gifts you can provide for those you love. It says, “I loved you enough to remove this sorrow and difficulty from your shoulders. ”What is involved to quickly express your love? Two major tasks. First—Take care of your final service and the expense. Prepay and pre-plan every detail. That will be the first task for your loved ones that you can solve today. Second—Have your Will finished completely and readily available for your executor. Be sure you have talked it over with your executor as it was created by your attorney.

Need help? Read ForeTalk or the ForeTalk B.I.B.L.E for guidance. Check out the free resources on this website. Need personal guidance? See Guidance and Counsel under Resources.

Congratulations! You have already demonstrated your love and concern just by showing up.

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Our mission is to be sure that every family sees the benefit, the blessing and the beauty of Christian end-of-life planning and completes all the documents and does the planning needed to live comfortably in the final season of life no matter when it occurs.


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